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Noesis - Rock Solid Software.
   About Us
What we do
  • E-commerce Websites.
  • Internet and Intranet Web Sites/Applications.
  • Windows Applications (custom software designed to your specifications).
  • Software design and architecture consulting.
  • Development processes and tools consulting.

Noesis are small South African software company that strives to produce high quality, practical computer software for the Windows opperating system that meets our customers requirments and that they find easy to use.

How we do it

We generally specialise in Microsoft Technologies with a focus on the .Net and newer .Net 2.0 frameworks. However our software skills cover a wide variety of technology, including: Oracle, Borland Delphi, Sybase, Visual Basic 5 and 6, Visual Basic.Net, C#, C/C++ and DirectX.

Rather than always recomending that our customers use the latest (and most expensive, and often most troublesome) software, we try to provide advice and software solutions that scale with our customers needs.

Proud to be South African.
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